Also this year we are happy to be able to tell you, in short, everything that has happened to EffectUs, the special effects make-up event of which Baburka Production is the main partner, held at the Lanificio on 23 and 24 September. Arriving at the third edition, the event has maintained the fundamental characteristics of previous years.


This year the event had the pleasure of hosting important speakers, such as Rogier Samuels, a Dutch artist who, in addition to telling his experiences on multiple international sets, also enchanted those present with an Ogre make-up acquired by his experience on The Lord of the Rings. Another special guest, Goran Lundrstom, one of the most important Swedish filmmakers, who instead spoke about his work on very important sets like Star Wars: Rogue One and The Last Jedi, Harry Potter VII and Narnia 2. And finally Daniele Tirinnanzi, an Italian who lives in Los Angeles for over a decade, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most important workshops of special effects. All three told us about their difficult beginnings, at a time when the internet did not exist and their only source of training was the continuous independent search for sources and examples, a situation that led them to structure personal and unique paths, capable of inspiring both young people and established professionals present at conferences.


Altri relatori che hanno intrattenuto il pubblico dell’evento con la loro esperienza sono stati Alessandro Iacoponi, titolare del laboratorio Maschera d’Apollo, che ha portato sul palco di EffectUs la sua maestria nella preparazione di posticci e Gianluca Tosi di Antichità Belsito che è entrato nei dettagli delle composizioni tecniche dei siliconi. Le live demo di Matteo Arfanotti, artista eclettico noto per i suoi effetti 3D pittorici oltre che campione mondiale di face e bodypainting, e di Francesca Tariciotti, altra bodypainter pluripremiata a livello internazionale con un lavoro a quattro mani con Andrea Benocci, hanno permesso al pubblico di esplorare il loro mondo, all’interno del quale gli Sfx canonici posso essere integrati in maniera estrosa.

In the live demonstrations section, in addition to those already mentioned, there were several participations of international guests, such as Ina Chochol (Germany), Sendy Kumalakanta (Serbia), who with their precious contribution helped to underline the international scope of the event and of the community of EffectUs in general.


And it is precisely on the theme of sharing knowledge and the possibility of creating contacts within the working field that the final conference was held by the main promoters of the event, as well as founders of the association, Valentina Visentin, Giulia Giorgi, Andrea Leanza and Luigi d’Andrea, with the participation of Sergio Stivaletti. During this worthy conclusion it was analyzed how important it is to create moments of meeting and training for all those who are interested in entering the  working world, but also for those who have been part of it for some time. The experiences of the speakers emphasized how direct contact with colleagues and teachers is often more important than courses and video tutorials. At the same time, a constant has emerged: how fundamental it is, starting from single paths, to get to associate, both to create a workflow, and to continue to be formed in this that, as a working environment, necessarily needs constant updates on products and techniques.

Another section returned in all its weight was the cinema one, in which 5 short films selected by the Fantafestival were screened, also this year one of the Media sponsors of the event; the shorts were judged by the public, which then awarded the prize for best performer to Carlo Diamantini for his work on the short film “Anger of the Dead” by Francesco Picone. Another cinema presence, the Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest that we had the pleasure of hosting for the first time. The communication manager Maria Martinelli presented the program for the 2017 edition, starting what we hope will become a long-term collaboration, a bridge for this new entry was Agici, an association of young independent producers, which this year joins the event as a media partner, together with Movieday, The Cartel of the Independent, Fabrique du Cinéma, Culturmedia of Legacoop, Quasar Design University and the Roman School of Photography and Cinema.


The festival hosted four contests, all of them about makeup special effects, one for “Students and Amateurs” won by Michele Amato; one for the “Pro”, won by Stefania Piovesan; one of “Bodypainting Fx”, won by Tiziana Camacci and finally a remote contest “Your body painting picture contest”, won by Elvira Toffoli. From four to seven hours to prepare a “Five Elements” themed character, with subsequent shooting and awards offered by the sponsors Mould Life, Magnum shop and Make-up Forever La Truccheria.

For the second year, the World BodyPainting Association sponsored the event, rewarding the winners of the contest related to the art of bodypainting.

Finally, for the workshop section, several themes were discussed, able to broaden the discourse around the special effects in its various branches, including the one held by Andrea Giomaro, Dino Bertoli, Luigi d’Andrea and Mauro Zenoniani on stage effects, in particular those related to blood; or like the one held by the teachers of the Quasar Institute on Zbrush and the 3D sculpture that, together with the workshop on the integration of special effects and 3D printing of Equipo3, have widened the spectrum of interest linked to the world of effects for cinema.

Valentina Visintin, an internationally qualified professional, as well as president of the EffectUs association, in addition to interviewing special guests on the main stage, held three workshops, respectively on the pre-coloring of the silicone before forming the prosthesis, on the effects of dirt and characterization and a last, very useful, short course on how to prepare your portfolio to learn how to promote your work as an artist. All the workshops were followed with great interest and were very successful.


After this third year the association has already set in motion for the fourth edition, trying to prepare awareness-raising plans for activism that lasts all year, so that all the members of this universe can actually be a conscious and promoter party. of the community.

Pietro Tamaro


Photo Credits: Paolo Patalacci, Eric Gimenez, Ginevra